Program for SIGPrag Spring Workshop 2018

This is the program for the SIGPrag Spring Workshop. In total, the workshop will have 55 participants, distributed over the eADR, CAP, and R3 sessions. More details on each session can be found in the previous blog post.

Thursday, May 3
Room E30: Workshop on Elaborated Action Design Science Research (eADR)
9.00–10.00 Matthew Mullarkey: eADR and citizen data science
10.00–10.15 Coffee
10.15–11.15 Group discussions:

  1.  What can we, as an organization, learn from eADR to increase the value of our innovation processes?
  2.  How can we, as an organization, train our staff as citizen data scientists to boost data science activities throughout the organization?
11.15–12.00 Group presentations and forum discussion
12.00–13.00 Lunch
Lecture Hall E22: Panel on Collaboration Between Academia and Practice (CAP)
13.00–15.00 Presentations by Peter Andersson (Svenska Spel), Kieran Conboy (National University of Galway, Ireland), Shirley Gregor (ANU College of Business and Economics, Canberra, Australia), Therése Kullåker (Region Gotland), and Mikael Wiberg (Umeå University, Sweden)
15.00–15.30 Coffee
15.30–16.30 Panel discussion moderated by Pär Ågerfalk
17.00–18.30 Mingle time and buffé dinner in the campus restaurant
Friday, May 4
Room E30: Research Review and Recommendations (R3)
Time Paper Discussants
9.00–9.10 Introduction
9.10–9.55 Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius: Managing Action Design Research: Developing Principles from Cyber-Physical Systems R&D Shirley Gregor, Leona Chandra Kruse
9.55–10.40 Réka Pétercsák & Amir Haj–Bolouri: Conceptualizing Space for Organizing Design and Learning Phenomena in Information Systems Mikael Wiberg, Hans Weigand
10.40–11.00 Break
11.00–11.45 Amir Haj-Bolouri & Matti Rossi: Work-Integrated Learning as a Practical Outcome of Action Design Research Göran Goldkuhl, Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius
11.45–12.30 Peter Axel Nielsen: Problematization in Digital Innovation Research Mark Aakhus, Erik Perjons
12.30–13.40 Lunch
13.40–14.25 Leona Chandra Kruse & Stefan Seidel: How to Articulate Design Knowledge for Reuse Pär Ågerfalk, Peter Axel Nielsen
14.25–15.10 Hans Weigand: Transformational design research Virpi Tuunainen, Amir Haj-Bolouri
15.10–15.30 Break
15.30–16.15 Erik Perjons, Ilia Bider & Paul Johannesson: Artefact centric support for innovation processes Réka Pétercsák, Kieran Conboy
16.15–16.30 Closure