Pragmatist Information Systems Research

The Special Interest Group on Pragmatist IS Research (SIGPrag) was approved by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) council at its June 2008 meeting in Galway. SIGPrag is a response to a growing recognition of the importance of theorizing the IT artifact and its organizational and societal context from a pragmatic and action-oriented perspective. SIGPrag’s mission is to provide facilitate exchange of ideas and further development of this area of IS scholarship.

Pragmatist IS research rests on the following set of assumptions:

  • Human life is a life of activity.
  • Humans do things that effect changes in their environment and/or within themselves.
  • Doing permeates thinking, conceptualizations and language use.
  • Human consciousness is a practical one that is in constant interplay with interventive, investigative, and evaluative actions.
  • Practical consciousness is formed by experience from previous actions and participationin social contexts.
  • IT and information systems are fundamentally symbolic language systems.
  • Linguistically expressed collective presuppositions, norms and categories (such as thoseembedded in IT and information systems) serve human activity and life.
  • The true value of IT and information systems lies in their potential to support humancommunication and collaboration central to human activity and life.

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