Workshop Program – Practice-based Design and Innovation of Digital Artifacts

Pre-ICIS workshop on Practice-based Design and Innovation of Digital Artifacts

NB: Program updated on December 4 – download the papers by clicking the paper title. Scroll down for detailed info about the venue.

Workshop Program

9.00-9.10 Introduction
Theme: Design science perspectives
The Creative Process in Design Science Research: Identifying Patterns of Creativity, Matthew Mullarkey & Alan Hevner
9.35-10.00 The Development of a Practitioner Design Science Research Canvas, Tadhg Nagle & David Sammon
Theme: Digital innovation
10.00-10.25 The Digital Innovation Design Activities Wheel, Shirley Gregor & Alan Hevner
10.35-11.00 Practices, patterns and pragmatics research: strengthening social innovation, Hans Weigand & Aldo De Moor
11.00-11.15 A Method for Designing Digital Innovation Contest Measurement Models, Workneh Ayele, Gustaf Juell-Skielse, Anders Hjalmarsson & Paul Johannesson
Theme: Design science evaluation
11.25-11.50 Software Embedded Evaluation Support in Design Science Research, Leona Chandra Kruse, Jonas Sjöström, Amir Haj-Bolouri & Per Flensburg
11.50-12.15 Evaluation of Design Artifacts – more than prototypes and case studies, Patrick Brandtner, Markus Helfert, Andreas Auinger & Kurt Gaubinger
12.15-13.15 Lunch
Theme: IS research frameworks & methods
13.15-13.40 Separation or unity? Behavioral science vs. design science, Göran Goldkuhl
13.40-14.05 Towards a Foundational Framework for Information Systems Research: A Business Process Management Research Perspective, Alexander Herwix & Christoph Rosenkranz
14.05-14.20 Towards a Design Theory for Collaborative Qualitative Data Analysis, Peter Axel Nielsen
Theme: Digital design
14.30-14.55 An engaged scholarship approach to digital service design, Lars-Olof Johansson
14.55-15.20 Entrepreneurial Assembly of Options in the Design of a Digital Health Business, Shi-Ying Lim & Sirkka Jarvenpaa
15.20-15.50 Coffee break
15.50-16.05 Creating a Boundary Practice by Co-Design, Anna Sigridur Islind, Ulrika Lundh Snis, Lena Pareto & Hans Rystedt
16.05-16.20 On the Capabilities of Digital Artifacts, Lars Bækgaard
Theme: Digital artifact evaluation
16.30-16.45 Communication Using Signs: An Empirical Study of a Manufacturing Information System using Stamper’s OS Ladder, Gabriel J. Costello
16.45-17.00 There is (too much) pragmatics in non-use – to be pragmatic about it – a short investigation of classical pragmatism from a non-use perspective, Mats Edenius, Claes Thorén & Jenny Eriksson Lundström
17.00-17.30 Closure, SIGPrag business meeting


Time: December 10th 2016, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Place: Dublin Docklands, Customs House Quay, Docklands, Dublin